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DIG IN is a San Francisco Bay Area-based design and consulting firm dedicated to working with individuals, organizations and communities passionate about social change and building more sustainable communities.

We believe that however critical the issues are, we can’t solve the problems of the world if we don’t pay attention to ourselves, and our relationships with one another and the places we live and work.

DIG IN is an attempt to share this philosophy with people dedicated to or curious about building community, cultivating a sense of place and creating a more sustainable society. It is a way to share practices and perspectives—both innovative and time-honored—to create positive change in ourselves, our organizations and our communities.

Through a focus on sustainability, cultivating sense of place and restoring the civic ecosystem, DIG IN helps to create a path to a more humane culture and demonstrates ways in which we can move toward a way of being that is more whole ecologically, socially and politically. We are truly at a pivotal turning point, where individual and collective action must increasingly be directed toward the common good.


Odin Zackman founded DIG IN in 2004. Odin has twenty years of experience in community and environmental education, organizational and leadership development, and facilitation and community design. Dedicated to building community on a local level, and connecting communities nationally and globally, Odin strives to link lessons from nature and working in community with building more effective organizations and efforts for social change.

Odin has worked with a range of environmental and community development organizations and consulted widely on a range of issues with non-profit, public and private sector groups. He has worked on national environmental policy issues, in youth engagement, in community building and organizing, and in leadership development for social change.

Odin has trained extensively in facilitation, conflict resolution and permaculture and ecological design. He has offered workshops and classes around the country and holds degrees from Oberlin College in Politics and Environmental Studies (BA), Tufts University’s Agriculture, Food and Environment program (MS) and the University of California, Santa Cruz in Ecological Horticulture (certificate). He is also the recipient of a Salzburg Seminar fellowship on Environmental Policy and Public Dialogue.

For more on Odin’s background and writing, feel free to download a current CV, or visit the DIG IN blog.

Mara Guccione joined Dig In as a partner in 2009. Mara brings fifteen years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing programs focused on environmental conservation, community development, poverty alleviation, youth development and international education.

Prior to Dig In, Mara served as the training coordinator for Foundations of Success, a non-profit organization focused on improving the practice of conservation through adaptive management. Mara also worked for the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund where she served as an associate program officer and managed the nomination and selection process for the Goldman Environmental Prize. Mara has also held positions as a program associate with Urban Strategies Council, a community-building organization in Oakland, California and as a campus director for Citizen Schools, a service-based after-school program for middle school students. Mara’s international experience includes directing study abroad programs for high school students in El Salvador, Cuba, Spain and Ecuador. She also served as a curriculum developer and journalist for GlobaLearn, a non-profit educational website, on their learning expeditions throughout South America and the Eastern Mediterranean.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in environmental anthropology from St. Lawrence University, Mara joined the U.S. Peace Corps in Costa Rica where she worked as an environmental educator in rural schools and helped farmers and ranchers to form a community-based organization to protect a local watershed. Mara has a master’s degree in international education from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. As a volunteer, Mara helps rescue and rehabilitate oiled wildlife. She is fluent in Spanish.

For more on Mara’s background, feel free to download a current CV.

DIG IN works to provide organizational development, leadership, community engagement and sustainability services in partnership with clients in the social, public, and private sector, including cross-sector collaboratives, community initiatives and multi-stakeholder groups.

Clients Include:
Alameda County, California
Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation
California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network
Center for Land-Based Learning
Center for Whole Communities
City of Sacramento
Community Focus
Conservation International
East Bay Community Foundation
Environmental Defense Fund
The Environmental Leadership Program
Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
Free Range Studios
Golden State Environmental Education Consortium
Governor's Institute on Community Design
Leadership Learning Community
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Natural Resources Defense Council
Organic Farming Research Foundation
The Pachamama Alliance
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Reconnecting America
The River Center
San Diego Foundation
Smart Growth America
Solar Living Institute
Southside Community Land Trust
Transportation for America Campaign
University of California, Berkeley
Urban Ecology
Urban Sprouts
US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities
West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project