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Dig In Affiliates are part of a network of collaborative partners who help shape projects and are available either as individuals—as many provide their own consulting services—or as part of a team working with Dig In to design and deliver training, execute projects and develop programs. Please feel free to contact members of this very talented community directly to learn more about their work, or be in touch with Dig In to learn more about creating a collaborative team to support your efforts.

Dave Room is a principal of Energy Preparedness, a consultancy that works with municipalities and companies to increase their level of preparedness for escalating oil prices and supply disruptions. Dave is the founding board member and steering committee member of Bay Localize, a social benefit organization focused on building the capacity for localizing energy, food, and water in the Bay Area. He is currently the coordinator of the Local Clean Energy Alliance. Dave was recently a member of the Oil Independent Oakland task force and is working on a number of projects involving energy and localization, including educating presidential candidates about peak oil through the Hubbert Tribute. His blog is Stardust Localizing.

Deborah Fleischer is founder and principal of Green Impact, where she provides strategic environmental consulting services to organizations facing the challenges of achieving their sustainability goals. She has over 20 years of experience implementing complex, multi-stakeholder environmental programs and a track record of creating innovative partnerships with business leaders, NGOs and governmental agencies.

She brings expertise in sustainability strategy, program development, cross-sector dialogue, leadership development and written communications. Deborah has helped a variety of non-profits and foundations develop new programs, including the California Environmental Dialogue, Environmental Grantmakers Association, Marin Community Foundation and the Sonoma Land Trust. She has written many environmental reports and documents, including Sustainable Consumption and Production: Strategies for Accelerating Positive Change, a report that develops a funding strategy for grantmakers interested in sustainability.  She earned a Master in Environmental Studies from Yale University and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University and has completed trainings at Peter Senge's Center for Organizational Learning, The Harvard Law School, Grove Consultants and The Interaction Institute for Social Change.

Deborah is also an abstract multi-media artist and brings the spirit of creativity to her work.

Jamie Does is an Associate with Jackson Hole Group bringing a unique combination of skills and understanding, which he uses with clients to increase individual, group, and organizational effectiveness. With fifteen years of professional experience in management and training, and as a lifelong practicing artist, Jamie brings the powerful blend of left and right brain thinking that has become so critical to navigating today’s increasingly complex business challenges.

As a coach to management teams, Jamie works with clients to improve their performance, effectiveness and capability, with an emphasis on building trust and authenticity. As a meeting facilitator, Jamie moves groups and teams toward results with an approach grounded in participatory decision making and the building of sustainable agreements. In both coach and facilitator roles, clients depend on Jamie for his articulate advice, logical options and calmness in the face of problems.

Creativity and the synthesis of wholes define the power of Jamie’s work as a graphic facilitator and designer. Using an innovative visual process to help people see the ‘big picture’, Jamie helps business leaders achieve rapid results in strategy, vision, and roadmap workshops. Taking advantage of how pictures create a common visual language, Jamie’s work increases understanding and accelerates change. Jamie is certified in a range of facilitation and coaching tools, including Community at Work’s Facilitation and Participatory Decision Making, the Lominger, Ltd. Leadership Architect Suite, and the 5 Dynamics Coaching 1 to 1 tool. Jamie has also completed Rockwood Leadership’s training on The Art of Leadership, focused on creating lasting organizational and social change, and Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Authentic Leadership workshop.

MacArthur Antigua is the founder/principal of Massive Creativity, an organization that facilitates spaces and experiences to cultivate the artistry and genius of individuals, organizations and communities. This is achieved through three avenues: facilitating organizational development, providing life coaching for individual change agents.

Currently, MacArthur is the project director of Turning The Tide, a joint initiative between the Alliance for Children and Families and Public Allies that is developing a national campaign to recruit and retain diverse talented young adults to work in nonprofit human services.

Prior to founding Massive Creativity, MacArthur completed a four-year term as the Program Director for Public Allies Chicago, an AmeriCorps program committed to advancing diverse young leaders to strengthen communities, non-profits and civic participation.  He was also a faculty associate of the National Service Leadership Institute.  He is also an alumnus of the Public Allies Chicago/AmeriCorps Apprenticeship Program (1997).  He is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication Studies.

Mac lives by the credo, “Having fun doing serious things.”  He also enjoys to “play”, either as a fan or as a participant – this is evident in his passion for Chicago sports teams, or as a performer and teacher of longform improvisational theater.  He resides in Saint Paul, MN with his wife Paru, and two daughters Leela and Meera.

Milano Harden is principal and president of The Genius Group, Inc. He has extensive training in leadership and organizational development, nonprofit management & strategy, cultural diversity and inclusion, and community health improvement. The Genius Group, Inc. (TGG) provides organization strategy and grantmaking design support to private foundations; technical assistance and capacity building support to the grantees of foundation-funded initiatives; and solutions in strategic planning, financial management, diversity & inclusion.  TGG works with leaders of all kinds with an emphasis on philanthropic/nonprofit leaders working on social change and community building themes.

Milano also has deep interests in ethnic philanthropy, the leadership effectiveness of next generation leaders, and the human development of young men and boys of color. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University, and a graduate degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  In 2003, Harden was selected by the Southeastern Council of Foundation as a Hull Leadership Fellow for emerging leaders in philanthropy, and in 1998 by Harvard University as an Administrative Fellow for high potential administrators of color on staff at Harvard.  He is the happy husband to Joan Harden, MD and proud father of two boys – Zachery Alexander and Seth Emmanuel.

“The sum total of who I am---forged in New Bern, North Carolina and Prince George’s County, Maryland, has had a tremendous impact on how I view the world through both rural and urban eyes. My sense of justice, community, and integrity has developed a common thread throughout my life that translates to my ability to be a broker of information and a coach. More recently, I have come to see myself as an “Organizational Belayer” or “one who secures the rope, enabling the climber (individuals and organizations) to ascend safely to new heights”.  This means I help communities and organizations unveil the assets that already exist, but might not be fully utilized. Liberation theologian Howard Thurman, said that "there is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself and if you cannot hear it, you will all of life be on the ends of strings that someone else pulls”.  I believe that communities are rich with a genuineness of self that is often not acknowledged, understood, or respected by those outside of that community who are called upon to direct resources intended to makes these communities more economically viable and sustainable. It is important that the narrative that is born out of rural communities not only be grounded in the authentic and unique complexities of each community, but that it also has the ability to influence and direct a collective vision for more viable and healthy futures. My greatest joy comes from living in Durham with my wonderful husband Michael and my amazing son Che.”

Omisade Burney-Scott has a career spanning higher education, non-profit leadership, philanthropy and organizational coaching. She is the Founder and Principal of Ananse Consulting which provides organizational capacity building, coaching, program design, philanthropic leadership development, and board development. Currently, she is the Director of Constituent Relations for the Southern Rural Development Initiative (SRDI), building and developing stronger relationships with current and new community partners as well as a more intentional comprehensive delivery of SRDI services.  Prior to work with Ananse and SRDI, she was a Program Director with both the Warner Foundation, a small private family foundation in North Carolina and Public Allies North Carolina, a national AmeriCorps leadership program.

Omisade has been a participant in the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond Undoing Racism workshop, VISIONS, Inc. multicultural training, and the YWCA’s Race Study Circles which has inspired work in addressing issues of difference, power, and privilege individually as well as part of a collective effort. Her belief in the interconnectedness of spirituality and activism and the mighty and righteous work of indigenous leaders tethered to local communities and small organizations is reflected in current volunteer board involvement with both stone circles (NC) and the Fund for Southern Communities (ATL).

Omisade is a 1989 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Communication Studies and an alumnus of both the 1999-2001 class of the Wildacres Leadership Initiative William C. Friday Fellows for Human Relations and the 2003 Southeastern Council on Foundation’s Hull Leadership Fellow.

Raquel Gutiérrez is a private consultant specializing in masterful facilitation, leadership development, and transformation of organizational culture. For over twenty years she has dedicated herself to working with individuals and organizations that have the courage to improve their quality of life and better serve others.

Gutiérrez purposefully uses a cross-discipline approach based in the core values of personal transformation, continual learning, daily practice, and wellness. Among her peers, she is recognized for freely sharing resources, building relationships between groups unfamiliar to one another, involving trusted and resourceful associates, and challenging people to explore possibilities outside their routine paradigms. Gutiérrez's strong technical background, practical management experience, outstanding communication skills, and love of learning have helped her develop innovative and resourceful approaches to her work so that people she serves may live meaningful, balanced, and fulfilled lives.

Gutiérrez, the fourth daughter of Gustavo and Raquel Consuelo Gutierrez, was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. She is a graduate of Arizona State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in 1988. In 1994, Gutiérrez moved to Washington D.C. where she attained a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University. Her master's thesis focused on the role of myths and traditions in Chicano culture. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Antioch University’s Leadership and Change Program, where her dissertation explores the alignment between the values, beliefs, and practices of social justice workers.

Dig In Advisors are trusted mentors and colleagues who help guide Dig In’s work through providing strategic advising, recommending projects and resources, and creating a constellation of accomplished professionals who reflect diverse fields and a range of approaches to sustainability and social change.

Adam D. Rogoff is an environmental attorney based in Massachusetts. His practice focuses largely on the redevelopment of environmentally distressed properties known as Brownfields and Green Building. Adam is committed to sustainability and community building in his work and civic life. He is the chair of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Organizing Initiative (JOI), which provides a year-long fellowship of community organizing training for young Jewish adults working for justice and social change. In his own neighborhood he also sits on the Board of Directors of the Roslindale Village Main Street.

Arlene Rodriguez directs the environment program for The San Francisco Foundation. The program aims to promote environmentally sustainable practices by addressing urban and natural environmental issues that focus on ecosystems protection, climate change, equitable growth and development, the reduction of toxins, and advancing environmental health and justice for the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Rodriguez has extensive experience in organizational development, program planning, community development, and the environmental field. She served as senior program officer for the environment at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, was the director of community programs and founding director of the Crissy Field Environmental Center with Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and served as urban program director for the Western Region of The Trust for Public Land. She currently serves on the board of directors for numerous organizations: she is president of the board of trustees for the Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities; and serves on the boards of The Health and Environmental Funders Network; and Courtney Foundation. In the past, Ms. Rodriguez served on the boards of the San Francisco Education Fund and the Marine Mammal Center, and acted as a commissioner for the City and County of San Francisco Department on the Environment. Ms. Rodriguez has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. She also holds a Bachelors of Science in Landscape Horticulture and Masters in Landscape Architecture, with a minor in Urban Planning, from North Carolina State University.

Brian Dunn is the Founder and President of Aquillian Investments, Inc., an NASD securities firm that provides private placement services in venture capital, private equity, real estate, and commodities.  Aquillian specializes in diversified portfolios of venture funds that profitably address important societal challenges through better business design, tapping some of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets, such as Energy, Water, Micro-Finance, Forestry, Natural Foods, and Information Communication Technologies. 

Mr. Dunn previously served as the Director of Investors’ Circle, one of the nation’s oldest and largest angel investor groups.  In this capacity, he had full responsibility for the daily operations of the company, and also evaluated hundreds of early stage investment opportunities.

Mr. Dunn is an avid traveler, and spent his post-college years working in Burkina Faso, Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil, and Haiti.  His credentials include NASD Series 27, 24, 7, and 63 licenses, an MA in Economics from Johns Hopkins University (1995), and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business (1998).

Christopher Peck is one of three owners of Natural Investments LLC, sharing responsibilities with Hal Brill and Michael Kramer. Christopher has a long experience with natural investing, beginning as an investor in Working Assets mutual funds in 1987 while still in college. He began as an investment advisor in 1998 running his own firm, Holistic Solutions, teaching classes in holistic financial planning and advising clients on all areas of sustainable personal finance. Christopher has taught finance in the Green MBA program at New College in Santa Rosa, CA and since 2003 has taught a business planning class called Sustainable Local Enterprises with John Stayton, the founder of the Green MBA program. He holds the Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation from the College of Financial Planning.

Courtney Bourns is the Director of Programs at Grantmakers for Effective Organizations. She oversees the development and implementation of programs as the organization continues to expand its work facilitating change in grantmaker practices that support nonprofit results.

Courtney brings to GEO over twelve years of experience leading and facilitating positive change through collaborative engagement of stakeholders.  She has worked with community groups, nonprofit organizations and foundation-nonprofit collaboratives committed to social change.  She has led training, facilitation and consulting initiatives in organizational development, strategic planning, and leadership development. Prior to joining GEO, Courtney served as the Director of Organizational Development and Training with Conservation International where she worked with CI’s management teams around the world in order to enhance the organization’s overall effectiveness. She also spent six years as a Senior Associate at the Interaction Institute for Social Change in Cambridge, MA, where she served in the lead consulting role on GEO’s Change Agent project.  Courtney holds a bachelors degree in International Relations with a focus on International Mediation and Negotiation from Brown University and a master’s degree in Theology and Ethics from Union Theological Seminary.

Deborah Meehan is the founder and an integral part of the leadership team of the Leadership Learning Community (LLC). The LLC strengthens the practice of leadership development by linking the inquiry, practice and resources of those committed to developing social justice leadership. The LLC is a growing and dynamic learning community of more than 1000 leadership development practitioners, scholars and researchers. LLC if founded on the principles of a gift economy, a spirit of generosity and a shared commitment to collaborative learning and work. In l991 Deborah received a Kellogg National Leadership fellowship. She served as a consultant for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation building an alumni association for the 700 leadership alumni of the Kellogg program. Deborah has also conducted leadership program evaluations and has produced leadership scans, literature reviews and made program recommendations on behalf of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The California Wellness Foundation, The California Endowment, the Echoing Green Foundation, the S.H. Cowell Foundation, the Lucille and David Packard Foundation, the The Northwest Area Foundation, The Blandin Foundation, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Deborah is a longtime community activist, proud Oaklander and devoted mother of two very amazing young women.

Kathia Castro Laszlo, Ph.D. is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Syntony Quest, an educational, research and consulting organization that empowers businesses and communities to work and learn in ways that embody social and environmental integrity, with offices in San Francisco and Monterrey, Mexico. Kathia is a Faculty member at the Presidio School of Management where she teaches strategy and leadership in their MBA in Sustainable Management and serves as Co-Director of Research. She is a doctoral advisor and professor of courses on systems thinking, evolutionary consciousness, and sustainability at Saybrook Graduate School and Co-Chairs the Special Integration Group on Evolutionary Development for the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS), of which she is past Vice-President and Board Member. She is author of the forthcoming book Education and Beyond: An introduction to the design of Evolutionary Learning Community and has published in the areas of evolutionary development, knowledge management, future trends in education, learning technologies, and systems thinking and its application to social and environmental issues. In 1996, Kathia came to San Francisco, as a Fulbright Scholar from Mexico, to do her doctoral studies under the mentorship of Bela H. Banathy at Saybrook Graduate School in the area of Human Science with emphasis on social and institutional change. She was awarded the Sir Geoffrey Vickers Memorial Award in systems science for her work on evolutionary learning communities, is holder of a Masters Degree in Education with specialization in Cognitive Development, and of a B.A. in the field of Marketing. She is the life partner of Alexander Laszlo and the proud mother of 8 year-old Kahlia.

Kim Stokely has spent the last 20 years as a non-profit leader coaching emerging non-profits and community groups as they formed, developed, and took action.  She is founder and Executive Director of Earthwater (Formerly Adopt-A-Watershed) a non-profit that has been operating since 1988.  In her work, Kim has personally experienced the challenges of being a non-profit leader.  She has turned her work toward nurturing other non-profit leaders in their professional and personal lives so that they can bring the gifts of leadership to whole-hearted service for others and the world.  As a Courage and Renewal facilitator, Kim hopes to provide leaders with the opportunity to renew their spirits, reconnection who they are with what they do. 

Kim has facilitated a variety of workshops and retreats for leaders for more than 20 years.  She completed her preparation as a Courage and Renewal facilitator in 2007.  Kim is presently working toward certification in corporate and life coaching.  Kim is a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz and holds a teaching credential, which she received through California State University, Chico. 

Molly D. Anderson is a consultant on the interface of science and policy for social justice, ecological integrity and sustainable food systems. She manages a project at the Henry A. Wallace Center of Winrock International designed to establish indicators of sustainable food systems. She also works with International Partners for Sustainable Agriculture as a writer and researcher, in preparation for the next review/policy cycle of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, which will focus in part on global progress in agriculture and rural development. She is a Coordinating Lead Author on the North America/Europe section of the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (, and contributes to a meta-assessment of the treatment of food security in recent international environmental assessments with the Global Environmental Change & Food Security project ( She was Research Coordinator with the Farm & Food Policy Project ( and developed issue briefs and background papers on current policy needs.

Molly was employed by Oxfam America 2002-2005 as Senior Program Officer and then Interim Director of the US Regional Office. Prior to Oxfam, Molly was at Tufts University for 14 years as a professor, administrator, partnership builder, and researcher. She co-founded and for five years directed the Agriculture, Food and Environment Graduate Degree Program in the School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts. She was a Faculty Fellow in the University College of Citizenship & Public Service, and a national Food & Society Policy Fellow 2002-2004. She was appointed a Senior Wallace Fellow at the Henry A. Wallace Center in 2007.

Molly serves on the Governing Board of the Community Food Security Coalition and the Advisory Board of the Henry A. Wallace Chair in Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University. She is also on the Editorial Boards of Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems and the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition.