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frequently asked questions


DIG IN was founded to honor the work of those striving to create a more sustainable society. Whether working at the grassroots or in large public and private agencies, there are great people trying to do good and affect positive change. DIG IN asks that we metaphorically and literally dig in to the issues we face in creating such changes—by exploring internal issues about how we work as individuals and organizations and looking at how we can transform our workplaces and communities. We must do the digging if we are to unearth the possibilities for the growth and transformation of our own work in the world, of the possibilities in our organizations, and of the promise in our communities and civic life.

DIG IN helps people work by facilitating conversations to build possibility and resolve conflict, and in creating projects and programs that help people transform their relationships to themselves, one another, their communities and their world. DIG IN currently works in three areas—Organizational Ecology and Leadership, Community Building and Civic Engagement, and Sustainability Consulting and Education—to help people dig in. For more information on this, please refer to the Services page.

What do you mean by ‘organizational ecology’ and ‘sustainability’?

Organizations work a great deal like ecosystems, and though we don’t often compare the two, it helps to look systemically at organizational dynamics to help diagnose and address organizational issues. DIG IN’s work is focused broadly on ‘restoring the civic ecosystem’—seeing that many of the ways in which we relate to each other in the professional and political sphere have degraded, and wanting to re-build those connections that we have lost and which are essential to the healthy functioning of organizations, communities and cultures.

Sustainability refers to an integration of addressing environmental, social and economic interests on an organizational, community or global scale. DIG IN’s work strives to not only bring sustainability to organizations and communities, but to ‘support the sustainability of those who work for sustainability’, ensuring that those working to affect change are healthy themselves, and striving to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Where and with whom do you work?

DIG IN works across the United States, and with select global clients. Currently, about 65% of clients are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and California, and 35% are located elsewhere in the US. Approximately 50% of clients are organizations with a national scope.

DIG IN works with individuals, communities and organizations of all sizes and sectors. Primarily, the work is focused in three areas—community development and planning, social justice and human rights, and sustainability (which, broadly defined, encompasses organizations working on issues of environmental quality, social justice and economic vitality).

Who hires you?

Many clients are non-profit organizations working on local and grassroots initiatives to those with a national and international reach. DIG IN also works with public sector agencies focused on environmental, natural resources and community planning issues and with private sector companies interested in sustainability issues, social change and training in facilitation, dialogue, and community engagement.

Rates are based on standard day and hourly rates linked to organizational profile and budget, and to scope of work. DIG IN works with a variety of affiliates and partners to deliver services, and provides reduced rates and pro bono services to select clients.

Why would we work with you?

DIG IN brings a different approach to a range of issues and challenges you might face—providing expertise in facilitation and training, strategic advising and coaching, and program design and delivery—including a clear perspective on affecting true change on a personal, organizational and cultural level.

DIG IN receives requests from a broad range of individuals, organizations, and communities wanting one or more of the following services or competencies:

• Facilitation for board retreats, strategic planning processes, program development or staff teambuilding;
• Facilitation of multi-party decision-making processes around public or private issues;
• Conflict resolution for individuals, organizations or communities;
• Training in facilitation, conflict resolution, collaboration/partnership, diversity and cultural issues, community organizing, and sustainability;
• Workshops on organizational ecology and culture change, sustainable agriculture and food issues, youth development, community and place-based education, and permaculture;
• Facilitation and coordination of conferences, gatherings, and symposia on sustainability, environmental justice, social change, or community development;
• Speaking on issues of sustainability and social change;
• Leadership development training for teams or organizations;
• Program development and/or delivery in sustainability, community planning, environmental/place-based education, and social change;
• Coaching for individuals, teams, organizations, or communities;
• Serving as a thought partner for organizational planning and culture change, program development, grantmaking, or strategy for social change; and,
• Developing collaborative learning networks and communities of practice on a community or national level.

Please be in touch to learn more about services mentioned above, or for a consultation regarding your specific needs.