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DIG IN offers the following workshops as individual sessions for organizations, communities and collaboratives, or as a series. The following workshops—and customized versions—are available in ½ to multi-day format. Multi-session training programs—from several weeks to a year in duration— are also available and can be designed using the themes below as pillars for a leadership development experience for those engaged in sustainability, social change, community development and a variety of other fields.

Facilitation: The Art of Group Dialogue
We’re all involved in meetings in our work—whether in groups, or one-on-one. But so often, those meetings seem to be a waste of time or effort, and can even be frustrating and compromise our relationships with colleagues and friends. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to improve your ability to convene and facilitate meetings of 2-200 people. Tips and techniques are offered for dealing with challenging situations, resolving conflict and staying on task. Participants will get several opportunities to practice new skills.

Cultivating Community: Practices to Resolve Conflict and Create Connection
What does it mean to be involved in a community or a community initiative? How do we respond when faced with conflict from personal/professional or national/global challenges? This one-day experience will allow participants to understand the roots of conflict, and cultivate the skills to build bridges across lines of difference. It has been said that “in the transformation of the self is the transformation of the world”—through interactive exercises and discussions we’ll explore how we can each make a greater impact in our lives and our work.

Collaboration: Dialogue Across Boundaries
One of the greatest challenges—and greatest needs—as we build community and amore sustainable society, is cultivating our ability to work across boundaries with other organizations and communities. In this day-long workshop, we will investigate the challenges in collaborative work, explore success stories and share skills for more effectively creating trans-organizational systems and linking communities to support social change efforts.

Placemaking: Restoring the Civic Ecosystem
Join DIG IN for a day of practices we can apply to work in “restoring the civic ecosystem”—including a morning of work in the community and on the land, and an afternoon of discussion and exercises related to more fully cultivating a sense of place. This workshop is a fun and interactive way to explore how we can make a greater impact in our communities.

DIG IN Retreat: Sustaining Communities, Sustaining Ourselves
For those of us building more sustainable communities, it’s often a challenge to know exactly how to focus our efforts, and to find balance in our lives and our work. This two-three day retreat will provide skills and perspectives that connect us more powerfully to our work, our lives and to each other. It is ideal for both veteran community builders, and for those interested in the field or in clarifying their path in working for sustainability.

Other program and workshop topics include:

• Community Organizing

• Building a Sustainable Organization

• Cross-Cultural Communication and Conflict Resolution

• The High Performance Team: Teambuilding for Greater Impact

• Coalition Building and Movement Building