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DIG IN offers services designed to help in cultivating a sense of place and creating more engaged and effective communities, organizations and individuals dedicated to fostering social change and promoting a sustainable, humane culture.

Organizational Ecology and Leadership.
Organizations, like ecosystems, function well when the parts are able to effectively support the health of the whole. DIG IN offers capacity-building for a range of organizations, using ecological principles to improve communication, diversity, productivity and sustainability for those engaged in community building and social change work. Services include:

• Organizational assessment, planning, evaluation, and culture change processes; strategic advising on organizational and program development.
• Individualized coaching, team building, meeting facilitation, training and strategic planning.
• Design and delivery of leadership training programs—including facilitation, conflict resolution, community building and collaboration.

Community Building and Civic Engagement.
DIG IN is dedicated to “restoring the civic ecosystem” and specializes in projects and facilitation involving collaborative, community and public participation processes concerning land use, resource issues and community development. Services include:

• Community outreach, education and engagement, including design of community dialogues to promote understanding and explore sustainable development and social change issues.
• Collaborative and coalition formation and facilitation.
• Conflict resolution and mediation for organizations, collaboratives, communities or individuals.
• Strategic advising on community outreach, public education and political advocacy campaigns.
• Training and strategy around movement building and network creation.

Sustainability and Place-Based Education.
DIG IN works with businesses, agencies, schools, communities and individuals interested in sustainable development practices. In cultivating a sense of place as a pathway to supporting the transition to a more sustainable society, services include:

• Design and delivery of place-based programs in environmental education, sustainable agriculture, youth engagement and community-building.
• Sustainability consulting for businesses, organizations, and schools interested in supporting culture change through lessening their ecological and social impact.
• Consulting, design and installation for municipalities, organizations and schools interested in creating ecological and educational parks, gardens and greenspaces.
• Individualized coaching on leadership skills, sustainability lifestyle choices, and careers in sustainability and social change.